Student and Teacher Questionnaires

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One of the intellectual outputs of the FAB project is a questionnaire designed to gather information about students’ and teachers’ familiarity with the main principles underlying the formative assessment (FA) approach, with particular emphasis on FA tools in evaluating speaking performance.

The content and the distribution channels of the questionnaire were discussed at the first international project’s  meeting in Warsaw in October 2015.

Student Questionnaire

  • Student questionnaire in English [view]
  • Student questionnaire in Finnish [view]
  • Student questionnaire in German [pdf]
  • Student questionnaire in Hungarian [view]
  • Student questionnaire in Lithuanian [view]
  • Student questionnaire in Polish [view]

Teacher Questionnaire

  • Teacher questionnaire in English [view]
  • Teacher questionnaire in Finnish [view]
  • Teacher questionnaire in German [pdf]
  • Teacher questionnaire in Hungarian [view]
  • Teacher questionnaire in Lithuanian [view]
  • Teacher questionnaire in Polish [view]

Questionnaire Results

  • Results | Finnish questionnaires [view]
  • Results | Hungarian questionnaires [view]
  • Results | Lithuanian questionnaires [view]
  • Results | Polish questionnaires [view]