FAB in media and the Internet


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FAB – Formative Assessment Benchmarking for Foreign Language Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

In March 2016 an article on FAB was published in UnivPécs – one of the best and biggest university print media in Hungary written by university students. UnivPécs is issued in 8,000 copies every two weeks each semester. [read the article / page 11]


A brief note on FAB appeared in Pismo Uczelni UW (1/2016) [read the note on page 7]


A brief note on FAB appeared in Kaunas Newsletter nr 10/2016 [kaunas-newsletter]


Information about the FAB project has also been posted on the following websites:

→ A brief note on FAB appeared in Pismo Uczelni UW no. 1 (80) 2017 | [read the note on page 7]


→ Information about FAB observations carried out in Turku, Finland [view]


→ Article: CZY FAB JEST „FABULOUS”? O WALORACH OCENIANIA KSZTAŁTUJĄCEGO (‘Is FAB Fabulous? About the Benefits of Formative Assessment’)| Authors: Anna SworowskaMagdalena Ziółek-Wojnar | Published in: Języki obce w szkole