Guidebook for Teachers and Learners

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The aim of the Guidebook is to promote the idea of formative assessment, particularly in the area of foreign language teaching, by presenting the theory of formative assessment as well as 62 examples of good practice which have been collected during lesson observations conducted within the framework of the FAB Project. The authors have focused mainly on the practical application and use of formative assessment tools in teaching and learning speaking skills.

The guidebook is intended for teachers and learners of foreign languages at various educational institutions, such as primary, secondary and higher education institutions, as well as any other foreign language learners, students, and foreign language course participants. The guidebook presents knowledge about formative assessment, provides reasons why FA should be used, and demonstrates what lessons or classes might look like when FA approach is applied by the teacher and the student.

English [pdf]
Finnish [pdf]
Hungarian [pdf]
Lithuanian [pdf]
Polish [pdf]