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Dear Teachers, Lecturers, Teacher Trainers and Examiners,

Summer holidays will soon be over for our students. The autumn examination session finished a few weeks ago, and the rainy weather reminds us it is time to think about October and the beginning of a  new academic year.

After a summer break, we would like to update you on the recent developments regarding our “FAB – Formative Assessment Benchmarking for Foreign Language Learning & Teaching” project that has been conducted at Warsaw University Centre for Foreign Language Teaching.

The end of August and the first three weeks in September meant a lot of hard work for our team, including various activities before the opening of an international conference  on Formative Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching which was the final event of the whole project. The conference was held at the University of Warsaw on September 19th and its aim was to disseminate the FAB project as well as the idea of formative assessment in higher education and to present the main outcome of our intellectual work, which is  Guidebook for Teachers and Students.

More than 160 participants from Poland and abroad, including researchers, lecturers, teachers, teacher trainers, school managers, and textbook authors took part in our conference.

In the plenary session, they could listen to presentations given by Jon Hird from Oxford, Jo Lewkowicz from  London King’s College as well as by Grażyna Czetwertyńska from Artes Liberales Faculty, University of Warsaw. In addition, participants had a chance to witness a very lively and interesting panel debate, moderated by professor Jolanta Sujecka-Zając. The Guidebook presentation and summing up of the project was made by two  members of  the Polish FAB team – Iwona Bartnicka and Krzysztof Świrko.

In the second part of the conference, after lunch, our visitors could participate in various training workshops and presentation sessions which were run parallelly in three sections. Our presenters included experienced foreign language teachers and lecturers, as well as representatives of our project partner institutions: Sanna Simola (TUAS), Robert Märcz (PTE) , Vilma Bijeikienė and Nemira Mačianskienė (VMU). Here you can find the detailed conference programme together with presentation topics.

The conference was a great opportunity to exchange experience, have constructive and creative discussions, as well as for international networking, and most of all to promote, among teachers,  lecturers and all those who are interested in education, formative assessment tools.

As we had promised during the conference, our Guidebook for teachers and students was published on the project website just the next day after the conference had ended. It is available here. Please get acquainted with it and share your opinions with us.

But this is not yet the end of our efforts, as our team is still working hard to finalize the project. We are soon going to review the papers which had been sent to the conference, as well as to work on the project final report.

If you are interested, we welcome you to see the pictures taken during our conference which can be found on our project website.

We would like to thank you for being with us for the past two years and for witnessing all its stages and outcomes. We also hope that, like our FAB team, you have become formative assessment enthusiasts and supporters and that your students believe in its advantages. You are kindly invited to visit our website and the FB profile, which we are going to update regularly.

With best wishes

FAB Project Team – University of Warsaw

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