Guidelines for Authors

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FAB conference guidelines for authors | pdf

Conference on Formative Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching

Warsaw, September 19, 2017

 – Guidelines for Authors –

Please submit your paper no later than by September 15th, 2017 to Authors are requested to adhere strictly to the conference style and format for their papers to facilitate its inclusion in the Conference Proceeding. Papers which do not meet the following standards will not be accepted.

File format

  • The text should be saved in doc or docx format to enable editing

Text length

  • Maximum 8 pages of A4 page size, including maximum 1-page reference list of maximum 15 publications

Text features

  • use Times New Roman 12 pt in the body of the text
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • alignment to left and right margins
  • each new paragraph should start with 1 cm indention
  • A4 format with 2.5 cm (0.98 in) margins on left and right
  • all pages numbered consecutively with numbers centred at the bottom of the page


  • paper divided into sections and subsections, including a separate introduction and conclusion
  • section headings should be numbered, printed in bold and aligned to the left;
  • a summary in English should proceed the paper
  • please include author/s name/s and their affiliation at the top left, using Times New Roman 10 pt
  • paper title: Times New Roman 16 pt, bold, centred (with no capital letters), single spaced
  • section titles such as Introduction, Subheadings, Conclusion, Bibliography / References: Times New Roman 12 pt, bold, centred, with no capital letters, single spaced

Tables, figures, diagrams

  • tables, figures or diagrams included in the text should be numbered consecutively and described

Citation in the text

  • quotations in the text should be provided in quotation marks, and their source given in an appropriate footnote
  • for longer quotations (more than 50 words): Times New Roman 10 pt single-spaced; begin with indention on both sides (left and right) and separate it from the top and bottom of the body with single space; author’s name, year, and page number should always be provided; do not use quotation marks


  • automatically numbered, at the bottom of the page
  • font: Times New Roman 10 pt; single-spaced

Bibliography / References

  • include publications used in the paper only
  • the reference list should be proceeded by the heading adjusted to the left, in 10 pt Times New Roman
  • provide the list in an alphabetical order of the authors’ names of publications or titles of publications
  • follow APA 6 (American Psychological Association) style of referencing